Friday, November 4, 2011

Science Alive

On Wednesday 2nd November, Science Alive came all the way from Town to Burnham School. The person teaching us was called Chris.

The first experiment was adding acid to different powders Brodie added 1 drop of Acid to every powder. We first added Flour into a spot tray. In went the Acid. Then the Sugar, next Baking soda, Plaster and Milk Powder. The Baking soda was the only one that fizzed. We had to wear Safety goggles.

Then we moved experiments and we did Observe it. The equipment were a magnifying glass a black piece of paper and the powders. We had to write if it was lumpy, smooth or gritty.

Next we did Heat it. We needed Safety goggles again. Chris came to help us. We had little tin foil bowls to put the powders in. Some melted, smoked, burned and smelled.

It was the best day ever with Science Alive, and I learnt alot about Chemistry!!!!!!!!