Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Rugby

Last month I went to Dunedin to watch the crusaders play rugby. It was a very long drive on the way to dunedin, my dad dared me to be quiet for half an hour I said yes except I lost because my brother was annoying me I only stayed quiet for 29 minutes. When we got to dunedin Laura cole and I went swimming steve my grandad and my dad did not go swimming because they did not have their togs. Me and Laura got to go on the hydro slides they were really fun until some boys came and ruined it. They made horrible noises and we got a headache then it was time to go and watch the rugby. It took ages to get into the rugby gate, but I was excited because I knew that we got goody bags. Finally we got into the gates I looked into the goody bag there was a milk shake a pack of chips we also got a flag and a book. When we got into the stadium I sat down and ate my chips then suddenly the game started, a hole bunch of rugby players ran into the stadium field, every one went quite then there was a loud banging noise the people were banging on the wall. Then the rugby players started playing rugby , it was really cool but in the end the team that I was cheering for lost. I was really sad but I enjoyed watching the rugby with my friends and family.

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