Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today I went grieving to the future. Wow that view it is amazing then suddenly I looked out the window and I saw it was a big ugly there were three gouged together can we go there I asked my dad well said dad that would be
fine so he parked the car and I raced out of my seat and we went to have a look wow I even saw my grandad there I ran to give him an amazing hug cause I have never seen him in 36 years. He told me what he did as a job and what that big igloo was and it was exactly right all three igloos gouged together yes I was perfectly right my grandad took us inside. Wow it was amazing there were 14 couches 15 kitchens 17 bed rooms. It was amazing then it was time to go I gave him a huge hug and me and my dad walked happily to the car and grove away home. Wow I really miss grandad but I am so happy I got to see him. Anyway what a lovely adventure.

From Emma.

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