Monday, June 17, 2013

Crusaders Come To School

Last Friday, the 14th of June, some of the Crusaders came to our school to visit us and play some games. Tom Donnelly, Tyler Bleyendaal, Luke Whitelock and Ryan Crotty made the trip out to Burnham to see us. They were really tall and Ryan was really funny.

When they walked out of the staffroom we started to sing He Honore in the ampitheatre. The players introduced themselves and told us what clubs they play for and what they eat for breakfast. Tyler is one of the kickers in the team.

After that we split into our house groups and one of the players went with each group. We played bullrush, sprinting games and under and overs. Luke Whitelock played duck, duck, goose with Totara house. Ryan let us have races with Rimu house. Tyler told us his secret for kicking over the post, he said to always keep your eyes on the ball.

When we met back at the ampitheatre we were allowed to line up and get the players to sign our things. Some people had their boots signed and some people even had their forehead signed! We were given a poster, an All Blacks wristband and some magnets from Vodafone. Ryan told us the wristbands had special powers, he was a troublemaker! We also were given an ice block each. It was an amazing day to meet these awesome people.

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