Tuesday, April 8, 2014

El Gregoe came to visit

Today we went to the hall to see a great magic show.  We saw a man called El Gregoe and his wife was called Sue.  El Gregoe was the main performer in the show.  He did some awesome tricks and illusions.  He magically made birds appear.  He had doves, parrots and a macaw.  

He did a trick where Sue got in a box and then she disappeared, and then she came back.  There was a puppet called Nikau, he did not know a funny trick, but he told us about using your W.I.T.S. and sang a funny song.  El Gregoe had a talking picture that he drew, when he didn't stop talking, El Gregoe rubbed his mouth and eyes out.  

One of the doves escaped from the cage and flew up onto the light. 

El Gregoe talked to us about respect, being responsible, trustworthy, caring and accepting.  At Burnham School we should be caring and helpful.

It was a great show and we laughed a lot.  We hope El Gregoe will come back to visit us again.

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