Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book review - A dog called Rod by Tim Hopgood

A girl called Elsa lives on the top floor of flats. She lives with her Dad. Elsa has an imaginary dog, his name is Rod. Rod is sparkly. Rod does not go for walks, he rides a big blue bike. Elsa really wants a real dog. Her dad says he'll think about it. The next day she gets to look after a dog called Barker. She realises that having a dog is hard work. So the next day she wants a mouse. She says to her dad that Rod wants one too, so dad says lets get one BUT WHO ON EARTH IS ROD?

A dog called Rod is a great story because the book has sparkly pages and and is a good book to read. It teaches you to use your imagination and also that looking after a dog is hard work.

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  1. Well done on your book review Grace. You put a lot of time into this :) Mum