Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lost in Space Wonderings

Questions we have about space

How many stars are in space?
What is a black hole?
How many planets are in our solar system?
What planet is near the Milky Way?
What planet is closest to earth?
Where did the stars, earth and moon come from?
What creates solar winds?
Where is the milky way? What is the milky way?
Do any creatures live on Venus?
How hot is the sun?
How does a star look like a star shape?
Why is Venus really hot?
Why is pluto not a planet anymore?
Do aliens exist?
Have any planets ever been explored?
Where have humans travelled in our solar system?
What are planets made of?
Why is the sun a star?
What's a wormhole?
Why does Saturn have rings?

Hopefully we can answer these questions this term in our science topic - Lost in Space!

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