Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I was going on a trip to Island and were on the plan to Island.And we turned out in a big igloo it was three igloos together.And it was cold my veet feels like if it was freesing .And it sounds like a bear is growling .And I that too my self wi am I hear then I don't no.I think it will be fun bells it is snow and it is cold too. And my sister says it is so so so boring.And I say it is so so so beta fail wi is it boring sister because it is cold and math Is. The end.

By Dominique

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  1. An interesting approach to your 100 wc, Dominique. I like the way you have used your senses to set the scene. Now, think about how to start your sentences in different ways.

    Mrs S (team 100 wc)